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Deputyship Applications

Sometimes people are incapacitated before they have the opportunity to give control of their affairs with a Lasting Power of Attorney. If this happens we can help you to gain control by applying for a Deputyship Order. An application for a Deputyship Order can be stressful and complicated, let our specialist lawyers guide you through the process. As a deputy, you’ll be authorised by the Court of Protection to make decisions on their behalf.


Our fees in connection with Deputy Applications are as follows:


Deputyship Application £950 + VAT

Includes initial meeting, preparation of COP forms, liaising with Court of Protection, serving notices on the third parties and person of P (person to whom the application relates to) and generally acting on your behalf in relation to this matter.


Conveyancing for Deputies – If there is a property that needs to be sold as a result of obtaining the Court of Protection Order

Our fees depend on value of property – please contact us for more details.  We usually charge a value element of 0.15% of the sale price with a minimum sum of £400 and a maximum sum of £1,670 plus disbursements.


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